Since 1988,

For over twenty years now, Museumexperts has been organising events where people can get together and share their diverse but complementary expertise, their way of working and their goals.


International Trade Show for Museums and Exhibitions 1988-1996. From the Grand Palais in Paris to the Venetian Arsenal in Venice.

Salon International des Musées et des Expositions (International Trade Show for Museums and Exhibitions) 1988-1996. From the Grand Palais in Paris to the Ventian Arsenal in Venice. On the 14th January 1988, at the Grand Palais, François Léotard, French Minister for Culture, officially opened the very first SIME, International Trade Show for Museums and Exhibitions, with Jean François Grünfeld who invented, produced and ran this brand-new event. There were three sections: “The museum itself, what it is and what it does”, “Behind the scenes at the museums, the people who keep the ‘machine’ in operation”, “The productions of museums, associated products, catalogues”. This was a first, worldwide: museums were finally able to present every aspect of what they do, their potential, the cultural, political, economic and technical elements. The event was a great success: 40,000 visitors and all sorts of representatives from the media.

1990 – 1992 – 1994
These three editions were the turning point for the SIME. It was now 70% international and had become an unmissable event for new museums and for all European professionals in the sector. Some original cultural events were added to the SIME: presentation of an exhibition on the theme of the artist as a collector, including the Arman collections of Japanese arms, (curator Robert Burawoy), then the African art from German painter Baselitz (curator Jacques Kerchache, collector, creator of the notion of primitive arts and the Musée du Quai Branly), as well as music from pianist Alain Kremski and jazz musician, Daniel Humair and fine food from the Burgundy region and chef Guy Savoy. Between 1990 and 1992, the SIME organised Tourmusé, upon the initiative of the European Communities, with the participation of three tourist boards, from France, England (ETB) and Italy (ENIT). The goal was to highlight the work of museums in tourism. The SIME had more than 60,000 visitors. The international media devoted dozens of articles to the event… But the Grand Palais was suddenly closed the day before the 1994 edition, which was then held under a marquee on the Champ de Mars, in April, in the rain, and only attracted 35,000 visitors.

Invited by the town, the province and the region, the SIME was held for the very last time in Venice. During this last edition of the SIME, the International Conference for Cultural Tourism was held under the patronage of the European Council, the city and the Province of Venice.


International Exhibition of Museological Techniques 1991-2006. From Dijon to Paris-La Défense

The SITEM was first created by the OCIM (Office de Coopération et d’Information Muséographiques) in Dijon under the aegis of the French Ministry of National Education, to meet the needs of scientific and natural history museums. Upon request from the Ministry, Jean François Grünfeld took over and reorganised the exhibition. Its scope was widened to cover all suppliers and service providers for all types of museums. “Exercice de Style” was then integrated for set design, the “Museum Innovation Label” was awarded to exhibitors for their technical feats, by an international jury. In 2004 for the eighth edition, the SITEM became an annual event. Communication was improved progressively, and the programme of conferences was broadened to cover topics related to the town, architecture and cultural tourism. In 2006, the exhibition applied for and received, for the very first time, sponsorship from the French Ministry of Culture.

3 days in Nantes

1997 Nantes

The first cultural tourism, industrial and natural tourism trade show. 100 exhibitors… and then France was brought to a standstill by lorry drivers on strike, and this prevented the second edition from going ahead.

The Rencontres du Tourisme Culturel (Cultural Tourism Event)

1998. Grande Arche de la Défense, Paris

Conferences and workshops on cultural, industrial and urban tourism.

Culture in the town and tourism attractiveness

2010. Grande Arche de la Défense, Paris

Paris 3-day International Conference. With participation from Cityguides, Louis Vuitton, Nantes, La Chaux-de-Fonds and the Art Nouveau Network, Nice, Copenhagen, Lille, Rio (favelas), Essen (Rhur 2010, European Capital of Culture), Shanghai 2010, etc.


2007-2015. Carrousel du Louvre – Paris

In 2007, thanks to the SIME, the SITEM now incorporates the notion of “showcasing the cultural offer”. This not only involves the work done by cultural venues – museums, libraries, archives, heritage sites and live shows – but also the work carried out by regional and local authorities. The programme of conferences was now extensive, and a great success.

The SITEM joined forces with Film France to create, upon the SITEM’s initiative, the Atalante Trophies which would highlight the positive consequences of cinema and television filming for the economy, for tourism and to make a name for the selected filming locations.


Trade show dedicated to equipment, enchancement and innovation for museums, cultural venues and tourist sites. From 2016 onwards. Les Docks – City of Fashion and Design

This was the pivotal moment to mark the 20th edition. Opting for a city centre venue: Les Docks – City of Fashion and Design, in the 13th arrondissement. Proposition of tourism objectifs and the healthy and profitable synergy between tourism and culture. In 2016, the SITEM welcomed ecityhelp, a sector dedicated to service providers who offer tools or services which provide a more pleasurable experience of the town for cultural and tourism visitors.
Start-ups were encouraged to sign up as exhibitors, and in 2017, the SITEM launched the START UP CONTEST, to award the best cultural and tourism innovations.


Trade show dedicated to private venue hire for museums, monuments and theatres. From 2018 onwards

The first edition of MUSEVA organised in 2018 as part of the SITEM, featured 45 exhibitors on around twenty stands.
In 2019, for the second edition, Museumexperts granted full autonomy to MUSEVA, who took over the Great hall in the Grand Palais.
MUSEVA’s goal was to become a leading trade show in the world of events organisation, to become THE trade show that gives players in the cultural sector the opportunity to establish themselves and develop their business in private venue hire.

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