The SITEM Conferences bring together international players and the themes addressed are off the beaten track... They explore museums from the inside, and, increasingly, in their urban, territorial and social projections.

The Beauvoisine Project in Rouen

Tuesday 28 June 2022 | 09:30 à 11:00

The Natural History Museum and the Rouen Museum of Antiquities are involved in a vast project of architectural and museographic renovation. The renovation of the buildings is in fact an opportunity to rethink the entire future permanent tour as well as complementary reception and mediation functions in a unique and innovative facility of the Réunion… Read more

Sustainable development: how museums go green?

Tuesday 28 June 2022 | 14:00 à 15:30

In partnership with Sustainable development, at the crossroads of ecology, social and economic issues, aims to orient our actions to take into account our ecosystem. Museums, like businesses, are now being called upon to address this issue and are gradually going green, not only in their programming, but also in their actions and management. Some… Read more

Cultural branding and loyalty: an overview of innovative practices and the emergence of new business models linked to the development of membership systems

Tuesday 28 June 2022 | 16:00 à 17:30

Conference “Entrepreneurship in Culture” in partnership with SITEM Membership and circles of friends of museums are priority areas for development in order to build loyalty and commitment among a variety of audiences. By diversifying their rates and benefits, membership offerings cater to different audience segments. Similarly, with a wide variety of cultural initiatives and experiences… Read more

How can the Paris 2024 Olympic Games be used to boost attractiveness?

Wednesday 29 June 2022 | 09:30 à 11:00

Hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games is an exceptional opportunity for a cultural institution to increase its attractiveness, but it is also a tremendous lever for jointly revealing the assets of the host territory. Based on the lessons learned from London 2012, the global network of cultural metropolises and initiatives already launched by French cultural… Read more

Keynote : Dubai, Museum of the Future – Where The Future Lives

Wednesday 29 June 2022 | 11:15 à 12:30

One of Dubai’s newest and already most famous landmarks, the Museum of the Future (MOTF), was launched on 22 February 2022 and founded by the Dubai Future Foundation. Designed as an asymmetric torus clad in steel and glass by the architect Shaun Killa, covered in Arabic calligraphy, the museum explores how society could evolve in… Read more

Seeing beyond NFTs – How Museums Are Riding the Wave Towards a Web3 Future?

Wednesday 29 June 2022 | 12:45 à 14:15

As the world realizes that the hit sales of 2021 will be no more, as emerging practices begin to become a new culture, museums are looking to use Blockchain to serve their missions. Going beyond drops and collectables, museums are experimenting with on-site web3 interaction, NFT ticketing, tokenomics for a curation DAO, web3 integration in… Read more

How can we renew the methods of access, participation and involvement of the public? A cross-section of innovative practices from around the world

Wednesday 29 June 2022 | 14:30 à 15:45

In partnership with Art Explora Cultural divide, identity withdrawal, inequalities of access… the challenges are important. How can we adapt to the successive upheavals in our societies? How to recreate links? It is urgent to acknowledge these new realities and to renew the ways of sharing arts and culture with the greatest number of people. This… Read more

New lighting solutions to enhance the museum experience

Wednesday 29 June 2022 | 16:00 à 17:30

SITEM and the Cluster Lumière are pleased to co-organize this exchange session on new innovative approaches to the presentation of works of art, offering a compromise that is often difficult to find between the protection of the works and the interest of museum visitors. It appears that a detailed knowledge of the state of aging… Read more

Manifesto for the exhibition of tomorrow – How will we exhibit?

Thursday 30 June 2022 | 09:30 à 11:00

At a time of digital technology, ecological urgency, co-design and the weakening of the exhibition profession, it is urgent to rethink the exhibition together. Alongside SITEM, the XPO federation, which brings together exhibition designers (museographers, scenographers, digital producers, lighting designers, graphic designers), is mobilizing to open a dialogue with all exhibition professionals (project managers, programmers,… Read more