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01/30/2020 03:00 PM

Wallonia and its museums

Thursday 30th january : 15h45-17h00 Soufflot room

Wallonia and its museums

1) Introduction to the Walloon institutional organization;

2) From the public museum to the private museum, the different realities of the Walloon sector, creations and disappearances;

3) Innovation at the heart of Walloon museums, the case of the museumlab montois, perspectives and challenges;

4) The museum centers, a Walloon specificity?

5) Financing at the heart of Walloon museum development, how to understand the notion of alternative financing, which solutions of patronage?

6) How to structure tourist ambitions and cultural and scientific project, the case of the Prehistomuseum

7) Wallonia, region of soils, the place of the rural museums in the territorial development. How are Walloon rural museums vectors for development and how are they linked to the population?

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