Are you a service provider, supplier or designer?

Have you just finished the set design, lighting or graphics for an exhibition? Have you designed or implemented the museum tour, supplied all the equipment, or the signs for a new museum? Have you launched the management of collections? Have you carried out a cultural, heritage or tourism engineering study? Have you created a website or innovative interactive digital tools for cultural venues and tourist sites? And you are now looking to tell people about your achievements, on the only media that gives them the credit they deserve and highlights their importance for museums and cultural institutions in general?
Your latest news can be posted every month on our blog and in our monthly newsletter, as well as on our social networks. With this offer, you will feature in our directory of service providers for museums, cultural venues and tourist sites, with detailed information about your product or service.

For €260 not incl. tax (€312 incl. tax) per year, annual subscription & latest news includes:

1 — Information in the directory
2 — Articles in our latest news: publish information about your projects, new markets or products, with photos. The information is posted to all our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and in our newsletter, which is then sent to the whole SITEM network. All the texts are submitted to the editorial team at SITEM, who are free to modify and adapt them, to make sure the editorial line is respected. They also reserve the right to refuse a text. We take care of the formatting.

You can also download the subscription form, fill it in and send it back to us. You will then receive a receipted invoice. The subscription is valid for one year. The SITEM also offers personalised communication with the publication of individual news articles, for €100 incl. tax (for those who are not subscribed to the directory and latest news).

Are you a public buyer, or an advisor for cultural projects?

Are you looking to optimise the visibility of your advertisements for specific technical studies, services and sub-trade projects for museums and other cultural venues and various tourist sites: welcome and management of visitors, shop managements, set design, museography, graphics, signs, cultural engineering, heritage and documentary engineering, tourism engineering, audio guides, security, preventive conservation, displays, audiovisual-multimedia transport, mobile applications, 3D, virtual and augmented reality, interactivity, communication-digital marketing, etc.

Why should you post your calls for tender on

Because it is targeted
• 4,162 professionals, working in 154 roles related to equipment and enhancement of cultural venues and tourist sites (museums, heritage sites, libraries, media libraries, archives, tourism organisations, etc.), can view and bid for your calls for tender.
• Instant visibility on our website up until the deadline for receiving bids, targeted emailing campaign and posted on social networks.

Because it is affordable
The prices are fixed, whatever the length of your advertisement. You can choose the deal that suits you:
• One publication: €540 not incl. tax
• Three publications: €1,500 not incl. tax (instead of €1,620 not incl. tax)
For more than three publications: contact us.

You can also download the subscription form, fill it in and send it back to us at the address indicated.

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